Friday, September 3, 2010

Living the dream

After my first ATZ campaign ended sooner than expected the Whiteface Family is now gearing up for another try. This time the family lives in a suburban area of Whiteville.
pic. #1: Mr. Whiteface, Mrs. Whiteface, little Dotty
Mr. Whiteface starts as a Rep 3 office droid with the "Lucky" attribute again.
He will receive his second attribute at Rep 4. He doesn't have any weapons at hand. His miniature is Harold Smith, white collar survivalist from RAFM. The miniature is painted and varnished, but I intend to give his shoes a coat of shiny 'ardcoat. His base is a generic slotta-base with a selfmade milliput pavement with some shotgun shells lying around.
pic. #2: Mr. Whiteface with better lighting
Mrs. Whiteface is a Rep 3 teacher.
I have not finally decided about her attributes. She starts without any weapons too. Her miniature is the well known Dionne (b) from Hasslefree Miniatures. I have not yet finished painting Mrs. Whiteface. The dark colour scheme may not be clearly vivible on these pictures. The coat is black with grey highlighting, her suit is black with dark blue highlighting and may receive some 'ardcoat. Her hair is - under natural lighting conditions - brown. Mrs. Whiteface's eyes may appear too big or dissimilar, but I can assure you they are not. Hasslefree miniatures are small and their heads are in the right proportions, so these eyes are really, really small. Her base is a round diamond plate from Antenociti's Workshop.
pic. 3: The family again, but from a different angle
Little Dotty is not a real character. She will act like one of the Bleens from the corresponding scenario.
I have chosen Rose from Hasslefree Miniatures. This is a great miniature, but it is incredibly small. Rose has only received a black basecoat and some Tallarn Flesh so far. Rose's base is a round road with large manhole from Antenociti's Workshop.

The Improved Plan (TM) for Day One:
Location #1: Mr. and Mrs. Whiteface will go home, join each other, grab some melee weapons, get into their car and drive away.
Location #2: Both drive to the Kindergarten and get little Dotty.
Location #3: The Whiteface's have to get some money from the ATM.
Location #4: They go into a supermarket and get some food. This may be dangerous...
Location #5: They drive to a military base / military safe zone to have some protection.

Location #5 was decided by the real Mrs. Whiteface. The options were: hiding at home, going to a police station or to a military base. The decision ended with her question if I need some military helicopters now. Well, to be honest...yes!

Final Comment: I am already deep into the first location of Day One but will probably have no time to post a batrep this weekend. It's going to be an exciting fight for survival. Promise!



  1. Oliver, I like your thinking! Having Mr & Mrs Whiteface starting together ought to greatly improve their survival chances. Here's hoping they can survive Day One together (with Dotty, of course)! I wish you all the best with your new campaign.

    Oh, you're either very brave or very foolish for wanting to visit a supermarket so late in the day. Beware Terrified Civilians!

  2. Foolish, I guess, but it's all about the story. Two locations with 2d6 Terrified Civilians right from the start. Errk!

    I am more worried about the military base. I never wanted to be trapped in one of those safe zones. Don't know why I even try to get some food before being protected by the military. Need to get some Jersey + Alaska Barriers or at least some affordable Hescos for this base...

  3. You're off to the right start this time. Especially early on with that low Rep of 3, sticking together is almost a must. I can't wait to see what happens!

  4. Oliver, Just wanted to say, I love the figure that you are using for Mr Whiteface! It's obviously inspired by Michael Douglas' character from 'Falling Down' and your paint job is excellent, not to mention the superb paving style base!

    (FYI - )

  5. Oh the base. Back then (summer 2009) I was basing all of my minis on selfmade bases. It took so long, I didn't get anything done. The positive side effect is: all the work I have to do now to put miniatures on bases from Antenociti's is pretty simple in comparison.

    The RAFM miniature is great. I am really thinking about buying a second mini and give him an assault rifle or semi-auto rifle instead.