Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blast from the past

Month 1 - Discover - Mr. Whiteface
Cast: Mr. Whiteface
Mission: Discover
Area: Rural
Time: Daytime

Mr. Whiteface had awoken lying in the tall grass. He rises to his feet after staring into the trees for some minutes and wondering about the smell. Touching the back of his aching head he glances at the corpse at his feet. He had killed that guy the day before, but his axe was nowhere to be seen. Shame about that good axe. Mr. Whiteface starts to stumble back home...
pic. #1: No place on the table to put my books, dice and unsued minis anymore.

It's the same location, but expanded from 4'x4' to 6'x4'. I've added a small blue house and a primary school. Mr. Whiteface starts where he was knocked out on Day One, on the short border next to the white house. There is just one Zed on the board. He's in the centre of the road in front of the white house. It's a zombified hobo with a sword right through his body, he doesn't seem to care though.

Turn 1: Both activate, Mr. Whiteface is a tad faster. Mr. Whiteface moves forward and stops next to the white house. He isn't trusting people these times anymore. The zombie moves closer as well, but wasn't close enough to charge (or that's what I thought). He's stops closer than 3", so Mr. Whiteface has to take the Zed Or No Zed test. He thinks "This guy knows he has he samurai sword through his body, does he?" (1 success), realizing just in time the true nature of his assailant.
In one fluid motion Mr. Whiteface kills the zombie and removes the katana from the dead body. Making sure that nobody is watching him he grips the samurai sword with both hands and hisses "Ninjaaaa!".

Turn 2: Mr. Whiteface strolls over to his house and stops at the door.

Turn 3: He enters his home and searches the ground floor for people, but doesn't find anyone.

Turn 4: He checks the fridge, but there isn't anything but a can of tuna inside. (search for loot: nothing found)

Turn 5: He moves to the upper floor and discovers a man sitting on the bed and cleaning his shotgun. After a long conversation Shotgun Joe decides to join Mr. Whiteface for today (1 success, this game only, Rep 3 civilian).

Turn 6: Mr. Whiteface searches for something useful, but doesn't find anything but books. (search for loot: nothing found)

Turn 7: Mr. Whiteface and Shotgun Joe go downstairs.

Turn 8: Both leave the house and head towards the white house.
pic #2: Me and Shotgun Joe!

Turn 9: Both do a Fast Move to the door of the white house.

Turn 10: Both enter and find the ground floor vacant.
Turn 11: Whiteface rummages around in the kitchen and finds some food. He had killed a zombie, found a resource and should have called it a day...

Turn 12 - 14: They go upstairs, find neither people nor resources and go downstairs again.

Turn 15: The dynamic duo leaves the building and heads toward the barn.
pic. #3: Smells like success!

Turn 16: They do a short sprint towards the barn. Joe is a bit faster, but...

Turn 17: ...he waits for Whiteface at the door.
pic. # 4: Knock-Knock!

Turn 18: Both enter the barn to find three living and breathing human beeings. They must be refugees from the bit cities because they are survivors and not civilians anymore. They are Sue Ellen (Rep 4 with a Shotgun), Bobby Jim (Rep 3 with a Bolt Action Rifle) and Pamela Jean (Rep 4 with a Machine Pistol). I'd really like to have these people in my team!

Everbody with a firearm decides to start firing! I guess Shotgun Joe may have met these survivors before. (Walk The Walk test is evenly matched, so I continue with rolling for activation).

Turn 19: Both sides activate, but the experienced team of survivors is faster. *Blam!* Sue Ellen's shotgun is blasting Joe away with a double OOF.
Mr. Whiteface is standing close enough to Shotgun Joe to decide that running away is the better part of valour. He ducks back just outside of the barn.
Pamela Jean isn't willing to let Mr. Whiteface get away. She follows him and triggers and In-Sight test when she steps through the door.
With a lot of luck (using Luck attribute) Whiteface manages to charge her (2 successes on In-Sight test. I decided that a person without a firearm may instead charge a person in melee distance. Wanting to Charge test is also successful). Pamela Jean is definitely surprised by this attack and not able to fire on Mr. Whiteface (Being Charged test with only 1 success).
Pamela Jean uses her machine pistol to block Whiteface's Katana.
With a sharp blow of her elbow she sends Whitface spinning around himself and of into the land of nightmares (Yes, an unarmed girl beat did a beautiful OOF on Mr. Whiteface who was armed with a sword!).

Sue Ellen announces that they better save the bullets and leave these two bozos for the walking stiffs. Oh, and by the way, what a nice sword that is and can you please check his sports bags for some food.

Final Comment: O...K...! Mr. Whiteface wanted too much. As a Rep 3 I have to be more careful I guess. Now he can just lie there and die (this is the result of the Recovery test) or use his Star Power to cheat death and reduce his Rep. His one encounter for this month is over and he doesn't have any food, so he would have to reduce his Rep even further. Anyhow, even as a single Rep 2 civilian he would have almost no chance of survival. Let's just call this the trial run.


Outro: Mrs. Whiteface awakes from the splashing noises coming from the shower. She rises from the bed, dons her bathing robe and walks into the bathroom. She takes a look into the shower and sees Mr. Whiteface. He turns around, smiles and cheerfully wishes her a good morning...


  1. Great batrep. Sorry about the rough ride, but as I told you, LTL Dad took a bunch of arse whippings until he finally got some experience and a little luck on his side.
    I think it is time to try the campaign over and maybe try a slightly different strategy and see what happens.

  2. Ho,ho,ho! Someone's been watching "Dallas," huh? You definitely should have called it a day after searching the white house! With the way things have turned out for the Whiteface's I think you're making the right decision to wrap it up and start afresh. When you restart your campaign you'll have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do. Learn from your experiences and move on, Oliver. I wish you the best of luck for your second campaign and I hope the dice gods are a lot kinder!

    By the way, I haven't mentioned that I love the paint job you've done on Mr. Whiteface. The figure is a natural for a Star. Good choice!

  3. @LTL Dad: Thanks. I thought I should investigate as many buildings as possible as long as I have support by Shotgun Joe. Big mistake! I had the good chance to roll for increasing my Rep. Rep 4 would have been such a big inprovement.

    @Vampifan: Yeah, it's been a long, long time since I watched Dallas. I called the shotgun girl Sue Ellen without thinking much about it...and the rest happened all by itself. After the battle I was in desperate need of a shower scene and as Saint Milla wasn't available I had to be content with Dallas.
    Thank you for your comment on the Mr. Whiteface miniature. I was pretty satisfied with the result. The highlights on his trousers are a bit hard, but it looks ok in real life. If I could change anything about this mini I would just swap his shotgun against one of those M-14 rifles from TAG minis I've purchased recently.
    Concerning the dice: I have - in the past - thrown dice out of the window for lesser misdemeanours, but I am civilized now.

    I intend to play "Day One - Reloaded" in the not so far future. This time I may choose a suburban area. The village I live in could be easily defined as a suburb. It's not just a roadside diner, a gas station and the bates motel.

    Whiteface / Oliver