Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Day One - Location #4 - Mr. Whiteface
Cast: Mr. Whiteface
Objective: Going home.
Area: Rural

Mr. Whiteface was angry. He had spent half the day walking the long way from his workplace to his home. His shoes are ruined and he is ready to kill the next guy getting in his way. He has just followed the road leading up the hill to the Whiteface's home when he sees her blue pick-up. Accelerating his stride he arrives at the car in no time. The Doors are wide open and dead bodies are lying on the road everywhere around it. Mr. Whiteface holds his breath while he investigates the carnage. To his relief there is no sign of his wife or his daughter.
 pic. #1: As before the objective is the lovely green house behind the trees.

pic. #2: It wasn't me!

The table layout is the same as in the last batrep It never rains.... Mr. Whiteface is standing on the road, there are corpses all around him, but there is no person - living or undead - in sight.

Turn 1: (Seven!) While Mr. Whiteface investigates the scene he doesn't notice (inactive) that three zombies heard him. A guy in a rotten office suit stumbles across the meadow on the right side of the blue pick-up with the fat village mechanic in tow. A half naked man in a bathrobe shuffles around the white Ford.

Turn 2: Everyone activates. The zombies getting closer and Whiteface evades through the gap between the small house and the table border (Fast Move with 1 success).

Turn 3: Mr. Whiteface stops and ponders on what to do next (he's inactive). Two zombies move to the blue car and the bathrobe man moves towards the corner of the small house.

Turn 4: (Seven!) Oh, I get used to this. Two zeds appear and it feels like an ambush. A hobo approaches on the table border next to the barn and a casual suit guy appears in the table corner below Mr. Whiteface. There is only one way to escape left. SNAFU!
Mr. Whiteface fast moves (well, not really) through the small gap between the barn and the small house and stops at the back of the white pick-up. The zombies are planning their next move (inactive).

Turn 5: What to do next? Where to go?! Mr. Whiteface is confused and dosn't activate this round. The five zombies are moving. One is able to see him, the last two move to the spot where they last saw him and the two between the small house and the border are just walking a straight line.

Turn 6: This is all too much for Mr. Whiteface. He can't decide about his next actions (inactive again) and leans against the back of the white Ford. The zombies are homing in. The zombies end their move and Mr. Whiteface perceives a fetid smell and loud moaning behind him. Two zombies are far away, but three zombies may be able to charge into his rear next round.
pic. #3: Whoa, I hope it's not me smelling this foul!

Turn 7: I didn't dare to breath while rolling the dice! I am lucky this time. Mr. Whiteface activates, the zombies are irritated by his unexpected decision to move. He does a half successful fast move directly towards his home and comes to a stop at the road.
 pic. #4: This was just in time.

Turn 8: Whiteface may be a slow decision maker, but now he's up and running. He accomplishes a two success fast move across the road all the way to his garage. The zeds can't believe their bleary eyes. All they manage this round is some disappointed moan and groan.
pic. #5: Get the right tools for the right job! The two zeds appear in Turn 9.

Turn 9: (Seven!) Two more zombies appear, but Mr. Whiteface is lucky again. The Zeds don't activate this round, but he does. The new zeds are placed  just out of sight between the upper border and his home. He uses this round of activation to grab his large axe from his garage. Oh Baby, revenge is going to be so sweet!
pic. #6: With the zeds being so slow I took my time to dye my hair. No need to hurry.

Turn 10: (Seven!) One zombie stares through the windows of the white house. Not THE White House obviously, but thiewhite house next to the Whiteface's home. Mr. Whiteface is not worried any more. He has an axe! The zeds are inactive and he moves to the border close to his neighbour's house. This will give him some time to fight the two zeds next to his house. He surely is a changed man.

Turn 11: (Doubles!) Oh dear! He has to face two terrified civilians. Di d I mention that I have an axe? A large one? I will teach these fools some respect.
I had to use all my luck to beat this guy (LUCKY Attribute). Mr. Whiteface is enraged again and OD's him.
Where did that rock come from?! Mr. Whiteface is unconscious again. This location ends with a sequence of improbable die rolls.

Final Comment: Day One is over. Mr. Whiteface didn't succesfully finish even one location. Little Dotty and Mrs. Whiteface are missing. Unknown to him Mrs. Whiteface is infected with the Z-Virus and may not be cured. 
Being an office person Mr. Whiteface will not call this a failure, he will rather acknowledge that there are possibilities for further improvement. Lots of possibilities.
On the bright side at least Mr. Whiteface's Reputation will stay the same. Keep your eyes open, there is a Man (Rep 3) with a mission on the loose.


  1. very good but unlucky i like the way you write batreps it makes them alot more enjoyable to read
    i cant wait for your next batrep

  2. Thank you, I'll try my best, but as English is not my first language I tend to use the same words and the same figures of speech over and over again.
    I hope you stay tuned although I have to use nearly the same table setup for a third game again. I think Mr. Whiteface has to do a Discover Mission on his home & neighbourhood in month #1. Storywise this would be the best decision. Or do I go to the town centre? There may be a shop for hunting accessories...

  3. the thing whith atz is you can play the same table set up 5or6 times and get completley different games
    i would say check naigbourhood see if any neighbours survived

  4. Don't you just HATE Terrified Civilians? A good batrep, Oliver, and it was nice to see Mr. Whiteface finally get armed.
    One thing I am a bit concerned about is the amount of zombies that are appearing in your batreps. To me, it seems far too many for a rural setting. Just because you roll a 7 on the activation dice doesn't guarantee you'll get a zombie. On page 30 of the rulebook it states that in a rural setting, zeds only appear if you roll a 6 on a d6 for each potential reinforcement. Now if you did roll that many 6's them bad luck, mate! Your rural neighbourhood is a far more dangerous place than the centre of Mayhem City in my campaign!

  5. Hmm, this is Day One. So there is a lot of trouble on the streets.

    "Anytime a 7 is rolled on the activation dice there is a chance of zombies being generated. Use the procedure outlined in the section called When The Game Starts (page 29)" (p.65)

    "If you are playing in a rural area then there will be 1/2d6 zombies per human." (p.29)

    I think the rule you mentioned (p.30) is about zeds attracted by gunfire and noise.

    Just two Terrified Civilians with 2d6 in melee. I as a Rep 3 with a 2-Handed-Axe and the Lucky attribute. They must have used dirty tricks on me.

  6. Fair point, Oliver. I played it differently in my campaign but so what? Having fun is more important than being a stickler for the rules. Having said that, I'm don't think Mr and Mrs whiteface could say they're having fun! Quite the opposite!

    Yep, Mr. W should have been able to defeat those two civvies. Just bad luck!

  7. This goes back to my age old argument I always have with LTL Mom. My position is that I never ever, never, ever melee unless I have no choice. LTL Mom however likes to get into fisticuff matches with Zeds at every turn. She is lucky, and I am not! We had a game not long back however, where she went down in a melee and was darned lucky to recover. She's starting tos ee my point a little now. No matter what your Rep is, and what you are armed with, it is always possible to go down in melee way to easily. Especially if more than one Zed is at hand.

  8. The melee against the four zeds had a good start. One zed down and three evenly matched. I thought that maybe she could survive this (and I hadn't read the Harry Are You OK? rule very well...). LTL Mom still is the most dangerous person in whole zombieland...

    I wish I had left the car instead of trying to start it. It feels strange that Mr. Whiteface is on his own now. I am just happy about my decision to give him a daughter and not a little son like my real self. Nothing worked like I planned it...perfect Day One scenario I'd say!

  9. We once had a Zed that with 1D6 in melee, defeated players with a total of 19D6!!! We nicknamed him the "Bruce Lee" Zed.