Tuesday, May 31, 2011

House Rule: Lazarus Timeline

The following house rule hasn't been important until now. My campaign has just entered month #2, so usually there is a chance for encountering ragers or smarties from now on. I've created this rule with the intention to add some uncertainty.  

The planes carrying the Lazarus Agent discharge their payload on Day 22. This house rule assumes that it takes some weeks or even months for Ragers to become a common sight and even longer for the first smart Zombies to become self-aware.

► No Ragers or smart Zombies appear on Day One or in any scenario in the first month of the zombie outbreak. Ignore all rules for Ragers, Smarties and Psychics until the following conditions are met:

Starting with the second month roll 1d6 before playing a scenario:

(1-5) There still aren’t a lot of Ragers around. I continue to use a modified NPC Type Table without Ragers to resolve PEFs.

(6) Ragers are now a common problem. From now on I will use an NPC Type Table including Ragers to resolve PEFs. Ragers may also be encountered when you enter a building or when the activation dice total is seven (see How Ragers appear).

Starting with the first scenario after Ragers have become widespread roll 2d6 before playing a scenario:

(not a double) If the result is not a double you still haven’t heard anything about Smart Zombies or Psychics.

(double) It is possible to encounter Smart Zombies from now on. Anytime a Zombie is generated roll 1d6. If the result is a "1" then it is a Smart Zombie (see How Smart Zombies Appear).

(double 6) It is possible to encounter Smart Zombies (see above) and Psychics from now on.

Recently I have thought about another addition to this rule: Everytime the main activation dice show a result of "double 1" the die roll above is repeated. This would probably create even more uncertainty. I am not sure about this...I guess I will decide this all in good time (month #2 started yesterday evening...).

Any comments?