Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Commercial Break: Buy more cars! Now!

The fast & the feasting
Comment: I have been asked to tell more details about my 1:43 cars. Without further delay I will now present my whole carpark:

Lynn presents three Humvees. I bought them in a German online shop. They were listed commercial models, but have a"Motor Max" sign at the bottom.

In the next picture we see the late Mrs. Whiteface with two '99 Ford Crown Victoria. Both vehicle kits are from "Welly", have a pull-back motor and require minor work to glue some parts together (I think all my Welly models are multiple parts vehicle kits). I bought them at a German online shop too.
If you happen to live in the USA and are not on a budget I would suggest to take a look at Policecarmodels. They have a great variety of...errr...police car models.

A series of pick-up trucks is presented by my loyal assistant Igor-Bob. The white Ford F-250 is from "New Ray" and comes together with a trailer and a Honda Sportrax 400 E quad. Great Model! The next pick-up is a metallic blue Ford F-150 XLT from "Yat Ming". I have bought both models on Ebay. The last one is a light blue '48 Ford F1 from "Yat Ming" purchased at a German online store.

The next three convertibles are from "New Ray" and have been bought at Ebay. They may be old, but they're kept in perfect condition by my favourite mechanic, Mr. Grease. It's a silver '66 Pontiac GTO, a dark blue '59 Chrysler 300E and a black '66 Oldsmobile 4-4-2.

Be careful when checking those SUVs. There may be someone in there. It's a red Ford Explorer from "Welly" and a metallic green Toyota Land Cruiser VX.R from "Yat Ming". Both are from a German online shop.

More SUVs are brought to you by the Whiteface Family. There is a yellow Hummer H2 from "Cararama". Didn't paint a big "3" on it's doors, yet. The other is a silver '08 Ford Escape from "Motor Max". Both purchased at an online store.

Here we see Lynn with a white Ford Transit, again from an online shop. I think it's a "Cararama" model. The other car is a silver "Welly" Mercedes C-Class from a local flea market. 

Be honest, there aren't just American cars or German imports in US towns. The must be some asian cars around. My shooping spree included three Japanese modelcars from "Welly": a white Honda Integra Type-R, a red Toyota Celica and a blue '02 Subaru Impreza WRX with golden wheel rims.
I had a gluing mishap while finishing the Subaru. Now it's windows look like a passenger had a sneezing accident. A serious sneezing accident.

Now we buy American cars again. Presented by my...err...well, by something. Purchased at an online shop, a black Chrysler 300C HEMI from "Motor Max".

These zombie couple really loves their cars. They have a dark blue '05 Dodge Magnum RT from "Motor Max" and a red '03 Dodge Viper SRT-10 convertible from "Welly". Both bought at an online shop too.

We needs more power!!! The Whitefaces and Lynn have decided for horse power. Mr. Whiteface snatched a blue ' 68 Ford Shelby GT-500KR from "Yat Ming" (Ebay), Mrs. Whiteface borrowed a red '04 Ford GT from "Motor Max" and Lynn outright stole a red '99 Ford Mustang from "Welly".

'68 Ford Shelby. Even a pile of ten thousand iPhones, iPads and other electronic junk doesn't have that much built-in coolness. 

Finally an import car again. A white Porsche 911 (997) Carrera S from "Welly" (online shop). It is not the car that I had intended to add to my collection - a silver 911 (997) Turbo - but it was a less expensive alternative.
Just in case you are wondering: this miniature, let's call him Mr. Ghost, isn't finished yet. I am still fighting to add some highlights to the straps around his chest and the weapons haven't been painted at all. All the details kill me, but nevertheless he's on a good way to become the best painted miniature I've ever done.

Final comment: If everything had been going according to my plans (financially) I would have purchased some 1:43 trucks from "New Ray" this month. Not pick-ups, but the real thing. Anyway, sooner or later I will add some big trucks to my collection...and maybe, just maybe if I am in a money wasting mood I will have to get these Luxury Die Cast models as well.

By the way, does anyone know where to get a 1:43 Abrams Tank?


  1. Ahh, nice collection of cars and a nice review of them, great stuff.

  2. Awesome collection! Thank you for sharing this. Love the '68 Shelby, the SUVs and the Pick-Ups best of all. Very evocative collection.

    1:43 trucks are pretty darn expensive, whatever manufacturer and whichever country you buy them from. They'll no doubt add something pretty special to the game and look fantastic, under the ATZ rules they count as a building too. Look forward to seeing them.

  3. THanks for sharing Oliver. I'd not heard of Welly or Yat Min before ... something else to bang into Google! How are the PC problems you were having? have you managed to fix them?

  4. @The Extraordinarii:
    Oh, to make this a real review, I have to come to a conclusion:
    - "Motor Max" is way more expensive than "Welly" or "Cararama", but not better (and are probably produced in the same factory in China anyway). Whatever, I needed some US cars.
    - I don't like metallic colours on model cars.
    - And 1:43 is that only 1 in 43 model cars will have the same scale than another 1:43 model. That's it. ;o)

    @Zombie Ad:
    I think that trucks from "New Ray" are fair priced. Not necessary cheap, but ok. Caveat, I haven't seen them in Real Life.

    PC Problems. Yeah, I checked if my PC problems were caused by my RAM. No, not that easy. Had neither money nor time or motivation to do anything else.
    The other PC (with a dying video card) is now receiving a new (sic!) Radeon 9800 Pro video card...although someone broke into our local post office last night and I couldn't get my package yesterday due to some misinformation.
    I am still having cold sweat, shaking hands and headaches from not playing any pc games for more than a month now.

  5. That's quite an impressive collection of cars you have there, Oliver. Many thanks for sharing. My favourite is your yellow Humvee, which I'd love to own. Even though most of my vehicle collection are card models I do have some diecast vehicles as well. I recently bought a white Ford Transit van similar to yours that was reduced to £5 instead of £15 at a local model shop. Apart from the price, there was one other reason I had to buy it - the logo on the side panels read Scott's, a Scottish fishery company that I'd never heard off. My surname is Scott so it was a no-brainer in wanting to buy it.

  6. You have helped me with some good pieces you own there, very nice collection.

  7. For the yellow Hummer H2 you just have to watch ebay. There is just a silver Hummer on ebay(UK) at the moment, but cararama models aren't hard to get and shouldn't be too expensive. Wow, there is a Chevrolet Silverado Pick-up from Cararama on ebay. I didn't know that one.

    For all UK-based zombie hunters still searching for a 1:43 military Humvee:

    Thanks all.

  8. Thanks for that Oliver. Yesterday I put in an order though, including this:

    The cheapest 1:43rd truck I've found so far; also ordered 2 hummers from them!

  9. @cmnash: I searched the web for New Ray trucks in the UK. I couldn't find anything...and delivery from another country may be a bit expensive.
    My shop has downsized his New Ray truck range as well, but at least there are lots of models on Ebay here.

  10. You've got a stunning table going! I have been using the 1:43 myself, they work out great.
    I'm still amazed at your great roads. I know I've said this a thousand times but they are just too cool. When my schedule backs off I really need to figure out how to make some for myself. I think you had a post about it.