Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You can run... (Part 3)

Still Day 10
This is the third part of my batreps You can run... (Part 1) and You can run... (Part 2).
Turn 21: After two activation rolls without anyone activating, all activate, with the zombies acting first.

Lots of zombies move forward. One zed starts to feast upon a survivor who had been killed before. The feast will last for just this turn. Five zombies start feasting on ganger #2 and will do so until turn 25.

One Zed charges a soldier #1. He scores one success on the Being Charged test, so he would melee with a penalty. Mr. Whiteface – who is standing next to him – scores two successes on the Being Charged test. He is able to fire his BA Pistol twice and hit his target with both bullets. The undead is knocked down and OD.

No other zombies are in charging distance.

Team Whiteface turns around to fire single shots, with Mr. Whiteface firing twice. Only the trained soldiers hit their targets. They kill two undead and knock down another.

Seven shots have been fired. The shots from the assault rifle have no effect, but Mr. Whiteface’s shots generate two more zeds behind them.
Turn 22: Team Whiteface activates while the zombies doing nothing.

All continue to fire single shots into the undead mob, but only two shots from the soldiers hit their target and knock down two zombies.

Five shots generate two more zombies. 
Turn 23: Only Team Whiteface is active.

I’ve learned from the last round that Mr. Whiteface shooting won’t do anything but calling in more zeds, so only the National Guard will fire single shots this turn.

All miss with a total of three shots and one zed is created. 
Turn 24: Team Whiteface pauses to evaluate the situation. The zombie s activate.

A feast on the very first ganger begins. It will last until turn 28. Some more zeds join the feast on ganger #2.

Several zeds close in, some of them coming into LOS triggering In Sight tests. As a result of the test:
Soldier #3 will hold his fire, because the zeds are more than 6” away.
Soldier #2 snap fires but misses his target.
Soldier #1 holds his fire as well.

No zombies are generated. 
Turn 25: All are active, with Team Whiteface moving first.

Soldier #1 charges and kills a zombie in melee.
Soldier #2 moves and fires a single shot. He kills another zombie.
Soldier #3 and the Whitefaces charge a zombie and Mr. Whiteface kills the foul creature.

A zombie activates and charges soldier #1. The soldier barely escapes alive by killing the zed with just one more success in the second turn of combat.

Three zombies move closer, some more join the feast.

The single shot that has been fire doesn’t generate any zombies. 
Turn 26: All are inactive and one feast is over.
Turn 27: Team Whiteface activates, the zombies shuffle around undecidedly.

Special Detachment Whiteface intends to repeat the successful strategy used in turn 25.
Soldier #1 moves and fires, but misses his target.
Soldier #2 fires and misses too.
Soldier #3 and the Whitefaces want to charge a zombie. Mr. Whiteface decides to snap fire instead (Yeah, I forgot repeatedly that he has a Free Will), but misses his target. Mrs. Whiteface puts her telescopic steel baton to good use and kills the zombie in melee.

Three shots fired in this turn create one new member for the horde.
Turn 28: Only the zombies will act this turn.

This is the last round of the feast in the woods, but nine zombies start a picnic on the former gang boss. With so many hungry mouths to feed this will last only this turn.
One zed moves closer and two zeds charge soldier #3 and the missus standing next to him. Both humans accept the charge and will fight one zombie. Soldier #2 is close enough to the charge to fire a single shot but misses the assailant. Mrs. Whiteface kills her zombie, with a sharp blow to his skull, but Soldier #3 is knocked down. If he hadn’t been protected he would have gone OOF.

No zeds are generated this turn.
Turn 29: All feasts end and everyone (including both Rep 1 PEFs) activates. The living and breathing members of the community activate first.

Soldier #1 and #2 move and fire single shots at an undead mechanic. One bullet hits and terminates the intended target.
Soldier #3 recovers from knock down.
Mrs. Whiteface continues to fight against the zombie who had knocked down soldier #3 in the previous turn. After three rounds of combat they are evenly matched and my hands are shaking.
Mr. Whiteface charges and scores a deadly +3 result in melee against a zombie. 

All twelve zombies on the board move. Both PEFs don’t move.

No new zeds are generated. 

 Turn 30: All are active, but the shambling horde moves first.

All zombies move closer.

This is not an exercise! All three soldiers change their fire mode to burst fire. Each shot will be aimed at a different target among those nine zeds moving down the road. Before firing Team Whiteface moves backwards. They are not fleeing, it’s just a tactical withdrawal.

Soldier #1 is getting nervous and doesn’t hit anything.
Soldier #2 scores one hit on the horde.
Soldier #3 – can you believe it? – chose this moment to be out of ammo.

Nine shots have been fired this turn and four more zeds appear on the scene.

This is not good!

Final Comment (Part 3): Uh-oh! You can see the Whitefaces have gotten themselves into an ugly situation here. This wasn't supposed to happen, but in the end the zombies always win. Sooner or later! As the saying goes: You can run, but you cannot hide!

Speaking of running; the game isn't over yet, so make sure to tune in for the final part of this batrep.


  1. QUOTE - "This is not good!" Quite an understatement! On the plus side, Team Whiteface suffered no casualties and all five are still in the game. On the downside, the zombies are multiplying as fast as you kill them. To fight on or run away? Tough decision. I guess you have to decide what can be gained by staying and fighting?

    Whatever you decide, I can't wait for the next instalment. Bring it on!

  2. Nice action packed batrep WFace, the little buggers dont stop coming, do they ? hahah I know what I would be doing if I were you.... so what minis are you using for your soldiers ?

  3. @The Extraordinarii:
    I am using Foundry police officer miniatures. I have a lot of TAG Swat miniatures, but those weren't primed until today. No military miniatures in my collection yet. The following are on my wishlist: Empress Miniatures, USMC Force Recon from Eureka and USMC from JC Figures. But I have to buy some more zeds first.

  4. Oliver, I have a question for you, and I hope you don't go DOH!

    It struck me that your groups shooting is really abysmal, even by my luck standards. Are you remembering to use the easy to hit rule? i.e. when you score a hit on a non charging Zed, you can use the characters rep for impact.

    Oh, and have I mentioned before how much I like your roads?

  5. @LTL Dad: Yes, the 'Easy To Hit' rule is the one rule I don't forget. Problem is: it's an 'Easy To Kill' rule. It makes killing zeds that have been hit easier. But I don't hit anything.
    I spend my '5' and '6' rolls on generating zombies.

    I have been known to break any dice roll statistics since 1985. A very good friend of mine has so much luck on his dice rolls that all our combined rolls fit perfectly into the statistics.

  6. More zed-bashing goodness Oliver - keep it up!

    Couple of questions for you:

    1, Are you using Comic Life as LTLDad does for your posts?

    2, You said above "Soldier #3 is knocked down. If he hadn’t been protected he would have gone OOF." Where did you get this from? In the ATZ rules, I can only find that body armour protects against shooting and they are meleeing zeds at this point aren't they?

  7. @cmnash:
    1. Yep, comic life.

    2. Err...oh, well in the end the mistakes even out. Oh wait, I've read the 'protected' rule again (ATZ:BDTZ page 6) and I can't see anything about shooting. It's just about modifying the Recover from Knock Down test.

  8. I think your dice rolling is actually worse than mine, and that is no mean feat.