Saturday, November 13, 2010

You can run... (Part 2)

It's still Day 10
This is the second part of my last batrep You can run... (Part 1).

Turn 11: The gangers activate first, the zeds follow. Team Whiteface is inactive.

Both gangers fire 3-round bursts at the zombie around them, but only manage to knock two of them down.

The zeds activate and one zed charges a soldier. As a result of the Being Charged test he will fire at the zed and the soldier next to him will assist him in melee. The bullets don’t hit their target, but his fellow soldier is able to kill the zombie in melee.
Some zeds move closer to the gangers one of them charges the second ganger. Both gangers have two successes in the Being Charged test, fire at the undead assailant and score three knock down results.

Thirteen shots have been fired this round and 6 new zeds appear on the board. All of them somewhere close to ganger #2.

Turn 12: Team Whiteface activates first, the gangers second. The zombies won’t do anything.

One soldier from the National Guard rallies Mrs. Whiteface and the retired soldier. The other soldier moves backward for better protection.

Each ganger fires a burst at one zed. The gang boss kill one zed, ganger #2 knocks down another undead.

Six Shots have been fired and generate 3 more zombies.

Turn 13: Zeds and gangers cancel each other, Team Whiteface moves toward Mr. Whiteface to build a group.

Turn 14: Team Whiteface and zeds cancel their activation, but the gangers will act.

Both gangers desperately spread their burst fire at the zombies around them. The gang boss kill two zeds, while his companion kills one and knocks down another.

Six shots fired result in 4 new zombies. Two on the road, one in the church and a hobo raises from a bank next to the church.

Turn 15: Zombies act first, Team Whiteface second and the gangers are inactive.

Two zombies start feasting on two downed survivors (each of them until turn 19), another one moves closer to the feast. Every other zed moves towards the gangers or recovers from knock down.

Team Whiteface withdraws along the edge of the board.

Turn 16: Gangers and Zeds cancel each other, so only Team Whiteface is active.

Two National Guard soldier have zombies in LOS. Both fire a single shot, but only manage to knock down one zed.

Two shots generate 0 zombies.

Turn 17 and 18: Team Whiteface, everyone else is inactive.

In both turns all soldiers fire single shots at different zombies. They only knock down a zombie that had been knocked down anyway.

Six shots create two more zombies in turn 17. One inside the white house, the other inside the green house.

Turn 19: The last round of feasting. Only the zeds are active, because all humans cancel each others activation.

One zombie recovers from knock down, one joins the feast, some move, two exit different houses and one moves towards Mr. Whiteface. Two zombies will charge the gang boss and five will charge his buddy.

Both gangers test for Being Charged with a result of being able to snap fire. The boss knocks down one zombie charging his companion, but ganger #2 misses with every bullet. The gang boss has to fight two zombies in melee, ganger #2 has to melee four zombies.
Ganger #1 demonstrates why he is the boss and kills both zombies. With a lot of luck ganger #2 is able to kill one zed and to be evenly matched with the remaining three.

Turn 20: The gangers act first, Team Whiteface second and the undead are inactive.

Both gangers wisely decide to leave the combat and flee around the corner of the green house. They stop moving in LOS of Team Whiteface.

Team Whiteface wins the Encounter Awareness check with one success more than the gangers. Because they are inactive they are allowed to roll 2d6 on the In Sight test. Mr. Whiteface is out of range, Mrs. Whiteface has no firearm and one soldier isn’t willing to fire [0 Successes].
The other two soldiers spread their burst fire at both gangers. The second soldier snap fires, but misses with ever shot. The last soldier scores two hits - he knocks downs both gangers. The boss is OOF and his buddy is dead.

The group activates and Mr. Whiteface and all three soldiers fire at zombies. Mr. Whiteface doesn’t hit anything. The National Guard kill a single zed.

Fourteen shots have been fired. This generates three more zombies.

Final comment (Part 2): This part of the battle took very long. Those stupid gangstas with their automatic weapons made me crazy. The turned a peaceful residential area into a warzone. Too many zombies for my taste, but I won't leave yet. Mr. Whiteface has killed a zed (actually two of them) and just needs to find a resource to turn this into a successful mission. Three well armed soldiers assist the family for this scenario and  Mr. Whiteface wants to achieve as much as possible with his own private amry, Strike Force Whiteface.
The gangers have been eliminated, but now there are approximately seventeen zombies on the board.

Make sure to tune in for Part 3!


  1. Yay, Team Whiteface! I know I keep harping on about when to run and live to fight another day, but I totally agree with your decision to fight on. The odds are looking fairly good for your heroes now that the Gangers are eliminated. plus, you have invaluable support from the soldiers. I say, make the most of their aid, as I seem to recall they'll only help out for this one scenario.

    Best of luck with part three. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. Yep, it looks like fickle Lady Luck is on my side...and yes indeed, the National Guard will only help for this scenario. On Day 10 they're still fresh and motivated!

    Don't worry, Part 3 will be released early next week. I am working a bit faster now that I have simplified my comic style.

  3. Go Whiteface, Go! I completely agree that you should go for it while you have the guardsmen on your side, unless something bad happens and you all die, in which case I think it's the wrong decision ;)

    I do like the comic-style posts! Are you using special software to create them?

  4. @cmnash:
    It's called 'comic life' from It's the same softeware that LTL Dad uses for his batreps.

    QUOTE: "unless something bad happens and you all die, in which case I think it's the wrong decision"
    Wise words :o)

  5. @The Angry Lurker:

    Thank you again!

  6. Bah, 17 Zeds is a cake walk! Good for you, go get them!
    Oh, and I am still insanely jealous of your kick ass roads.

  7. @LTL Dad: Seventeen a cakewalk? My Stars are Rep 3 and armed with just one BA Pistol. OK, the National Guard is assisting, but in the end it's all about the Stars.

    Try to build a road for yourself: It's easier than you think once you've finished the stencils. PDoids version is even better. He included a small sidewalk or breakdown lane.