Monday, December 13, 2010

Breaking News: It's dead, dead, dead!

These are news about broken things: My PC has ceased working this friday. This was where I had created my previous batreps, have Comic Life installed and stored a lot of the pictures from the 1,5 games I've played recently (and obviously the pictures from all those batreps before).
So apart from not having access to about 50% of the pictures from my latest game I am not able to do any batreps with pictures anymore. I don't see myself buying a new PC in the coming months, so I am not sure how I will solve this situation. A text-only batrep won't do my latest games justice.

I have absolutely no clue what part of my PC isn't working, as the boot process is stopped (and restarted) before even the first messages appear on the screen. Starting, two seconds, first air thingie starts, about two or three more seconds, next noise (rotation of hard disc?)  joins in...and with a clicking noise stops working, waits a bit and everything starts again unless I cut off the power.

Angry, frustrated and with a annyoing cold.


  1. On the bright side (well, kind of…): I am unable to waste my time on Battlefield Bad Company 2 or CoD Black Ops.
    I wouldn’t have been able to get so far in my second ATZ game this weekend if my PC had been working.

  2. Oh no! Disaster! I'm really sorry to hear about your PC problems Oliver ... I hope you can get the thing fixed! Do you have PC World or an equivalent where you are? I had a similar problem with a PC and they were able to copy the hard drive onto a CD for me for £10 IIRC - at least that way you won't lose everything on the PC

  3. Retrieving the files from my hard disc is the absolute minimal target. I hope that a repair service will be able to do reanimate my PC.

    It's a shame, I am sure all of you would like to hear about my latest games. What happened after the incident with the ***censored*** when ***censored*** was ***censored*** by a ***censored***. And in the following game, when ***censored*** ***censored*** ***censored**** to ***censored*** ***censored***. Strange things happen. Or about ***censored***, ***censored*** did perform pretty well. Finally about ***censored part exceeds 500 words - sorry for any inconvenience***.
    Game is of course not finished yet.

  4. Well thanks for sharing the events of your last game there Whiteface ... I'm sure it was very interesting before the [censored] censor got hold of it ...

  5. Man, that sucks big time! I lost my computer earlier in the year when the starter motor (or whatever the hell its called) died. It had to go away to have a new one fitted and that was one of the longest days of my life. A day without my computer was bad, but your plight is infinitely worse. Deep felt commiserations to you, Oliver, and I hope you get it sorted out real soon1

  6. The starter's next to the air thingie I've mentioned :o)
    The technical terms are start-o-mat and air-o-mat.

    10 print "Whiteface is a technical genius!"
    20 goto 10

  7. According to my vastly more computer knowledgable brother, it was my power supply unit (PSU) that had died. He should know, as he built my machine. It's a shame he doesn't live next door instead of over 120 miles away at the other side of the country, because what he doesn't know about computers isn't worth knowing about.

    I'm pretty sure I've got an air thingie as well!

  8. Very sad news. Now, you have to write a book or draw a comics...
    That make me think of something. In case of a real Zombie apocalyse, the worst thing will be the shutdown of Internet. Our life will be senseless...

  9. QUOTE: "In case of a real Zombie apocalyse, the worst thing will be the shutdown of Internet. Our life will be senseless..."

    I have read the Internet. Twice. They don't publish new sites or news fast enough anyway. ;o)
    On the other hand a conversation with a bunch of zombies will just feel like discussion in any Internet forum. "WTF, it's not Nnngggh!!!111!!! It's Gnuuh!, n00b. I can has brainz?"

    To quote Zombieland: <>

  10. Want the Good news or the Bad news ? This exact thing happened to me about a month ago, it would start and stop and recyle in this manner endlessly or until I hit the power button, Good news is you havent lost all your info (its still on the hard drive)Bad news is your motherboard has failed and needs replacing $$$, what I did was I bought another harddrive and ofcourse another motherboard, loaded the O/S (operating system)on the new hard drive and used the old one as a storage unit, that way your info on the old drive is saved and PC is up and running, hope that was clear :) good luck with it buddy, hope you sort it out :)

  11. No way man! The bad news is you will have to tell Mrs. Whiteface that her jewelry will have to go in order to get you a new system. Dang, I wouldn't want to be you right about now.

  12. No, the christmas money went into a final payment for the energy company (long winter, cold and rainy summer), a big repair for the car (german car safety regulations) and eh...well...stupidity did cost some money as well. And I am preparing for having my car (11yrs old Audi) checked (yes, german car safety regulations too) in April next year. Oh, my wife's pc (my previous computer) is slowly dying as well.
    I guess I won't shop miniatures in the next few months. Good thing I did all my shopping for 1/43 cars and K-Line buildings before all those bills came in.

    Maybe I can sell some of Mrs. W's existing jewelry for a new mainboard... ;o)

  13. I was hoping to surf by here and see that everything was fixed, but it doesn't seem to be so :(

    When I win the lottery, I'll post you a new PC, but as I'm not buying tickets at the moment, please don't hold your breath!!

  14. *turns-purple-while-holding-his-breath*

    I will do something in january. Not sure what, but I will do something. Until then I will try to start my PC and hope that every problem has suddenly vanished. Hey, this does work sometimes!

    Leaves one question to ask: Do I wait until everything is fixed or do I write batreps without pictures (or maybe with 2 or 3 simple pictures)?

  15. Oliver- I feel your pain, just had to purchase a new wireless router since the old one decided to only transmit wirelessly and not transmit or receive anything via the Ethernet ports, which meant it wasn't even communicating with the cable modem. Add on top of that the fact that my laptops CPU fan is starting to act up and sound like a coffee grinder off and on (it sounds like it is slightly uneven so that when it runs it is wobbling every so often and clipping the fan "casing" that its in). Unfortunately the economic situation here isn't that great since I am having a hard time finding a job, so if and when the laptop dies I don't know when I will get a chance to replace it.

    Hopefully for you the computer problem is an easy fix that wont cost too much.

  16. QUOTE "Hopefully for you the computer problem is an easy fix that wont cost too much."
    That's what I want to hope, but I don't really believe it.
    I've tried to start my pc again, but my problem didn't suddenly vanish. It's still fouled up. I will search the help of some professional techmarines in January.

  17. I'd like to see batreps Oliver, but as it's that time of year along with all your PC problems, I perfectly understand it you wait until January. Whatever's best for you!

  18. I think I took 60+ pictures for each scenario, to have more variety for the close-ups. What a shame, really.

    OK, I will try to solve my technical problems in January. Regardless of the outcome I will post my next batreps in January as well - with or without pictures.

  19. Whether you do them with pics or not I still look forward to reading them. I'd rather read a batrep with no pics than no batrep.